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Digital Advertising

Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration - Steve Jobs

"Master the topic, the message, and the delivery."

Digital Advertising Capabilities

Digital Advertising - Keyphrase Research

Keyphrase Research

Keyphrase (or keyword) research is the process where we produce an assessment of as-is page ranking and SEO score. We then create a plan to achieve the target ranking through improvements.
Digital Advertising - Content Strategies

Content Strategies

Your target audience is identified and studied to determine values and persona. Next, we devise a strategy to achieve visibility among current and target audiences.
Digital Advertising - Analytics Optimization

Analytics Optimization

We inspect Google Analytics and tag management tools to ensure they are configured and tuned. Next, we confirm that we track the correct metrics and match them with suitable events and funnels.
Digital Advertising - Technical Search Optimizations

Technical Search Optimizations

Search engines employ specialized techniques to help your website be indexed and subsequently located online. Implementing these techniques improves your chances of better search rankings.
Digital Advertising - Site-wide Performance

Site-wide Performance

Speed matters. Visitors tend to abandon slow websites for faster, more competitive websites. Moreover, search engines also provide higher rankings for performing sites. We make recommendations on site-wide improvements that will have an impact.
Digital Advertising - Reporting and Growth

Reporting and Growth

We confer with our partners regularly. We review and report on the growth data collected and make any necessary adjustments to support business goals. Our analysts design each program to stream results directly to our client partners.

Optimization Process

This phase focuses on information gathering. We perform keyword/keyphrase research, competitor research, site speeds, and overall SEO health metrics. It’s essential to collect metrics that can aid our analysis.
After we have collected data, we need to make sense of it. We examine our findings, match them back to your digital strategy and look for insights that can make a difference. From there, we put our heads together and create a plan.
Once a plan is approved, our team gets busy working. The team makes technical changes to the site. Then, they create new content and update the existing content.
We conduct performance reviews regularly. In these sessions, we observe the trends in the data, and then we identify changes that to make. SEO is a continuous process that relies upon feedback to retain relevancy. A well-rounded strategy usually includes organic and paid campaigns for a mix of short-term and long-term results.
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