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Establishing brand awareness and customer loyalty takes more than website design and digital marketing. As a result, Old City Tech Works does it all. We are a full-service creative design and digital marketing agency based in St. Augustine, FL, with clients across the country.

Small Business

Why Old City Tech Works?

As a creative web design agency, we have helped numerous businesses grow online organically. Moreover, we specialize in assisting small, local companies capture the power of the internet to gain brand recognition, promote services, and increase customer base. We are in business to help other brands succeed in the digital realm.

Having roots in Chicago and Washington, DC, we understand what it means to energize a local customer base and entice touring clientele simultaneously. These objectives can be challenging as different demographics typically require different messaging strategies.

We are a St. Augustine business – and we’re here to stay. We are also a boutique agency, and we use that size to our advantage – we can keep in tune with the local economy and the flexibility to adopt new industry best practices. We genuinely understand the considerations one faces when creating or continuing an online presence, which is why we maintain an extensive portfolio of expert services to help turn your ideas into profits.

One key consideration is price. We distinguish ourselves from most other competitors by offering customized services that align with your budget constraints. Atop each of our professional design and development teams is a project manager accountable for keeping your project on time and budget.

What you can expect when partnering with us:

  • Expert web designers that produce modern, elegant and efficient websites.
  • Professional staff who are committed to producing amazing results.
  • Best in Class customer service.
  • Truly measurable results.

Our Core Services

App Design and Development - Web Application Architecture

Website Design

Using cutting-edge technologies, our development team constantly hones their skills to follow modern web trends.
Web Design and Development - Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Show-stopping design, unique web and logo solutions, engaging videos, and creative animations help clients attract attention.


Search Engine Optimization

We can help you build your brand authority and visibility. You are only one click away from your target audience.
Strategic Communication - Social Media

Social Media Engagement

Do you control your message on social media? We help clients unify their brand through popular social channels to ensure total digital coverage.
Professional Services - Performance Hosting

Hosting and Maintenance

From site hosting and performance tuning to ongoing maintenance, we offer a range of services that help keep your site on the map.
Small Business Redesign and Rebrand

Redesign and Rebrand

Breathe life back into neglected websites based on two aspects: visual appearance and visibility in search engines.

Count on Old City Tech Works

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Small Business - Accountable
Small Business - Responsive
Small Business - Knowledgeable
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Small Business - Results

Here's A Bit More...

Your Site. Your Brand.

Your presence online is an extension of your brand. A well-orchestrated website unifies messaging, branding, and core values in a way that not only mirrors these elements but also amplifies them.
Your Brand - Blank Sign
Online Is The Beginning - Pins on Map

Online Is Just The Beginning.

It is essential to keep the future in mind as you build communications requirements for your online presence. How will you remain in contact with your new audience? How will you attract future audiences?


We have website design packages for businesses of all sizes. 

Always know what you’ll pay.

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We’d love to discuss your project or idea and see how we can help!