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We help organizations leverage high-impact strategic communications and marketing techniques to solve complex challenges and activate growth opportunities. We achieve results through creative thinking and a process-driven approach.


Strategic Communications Capabilities

Strategic Communication - Content Creation

Content Creation

You can work with us to construct a language that inspires and informs your visitors, who are looking for more than advertising. We are adept at creating engaging narratives that highlight your brand’s core values while providing elevation over your competition.
Strategic Communication - Content Audit

Content Audit

We partner with you to craft a solid content audit strategy unique to your brand’s overarching marketing message. We analyze your existing content inventory to make recommendations on managing existing assets and bridging any information gaps that may exist.
Strategic Communication - Editorial Calendaring

Editorial Calendaring

Old City Tech Works will partner with your organization to create a customized messaging calendar tailored to meet your business objectives. We will work with all relevant team members to compose and execute the strategy.
Strategic Communication - Social Media

Social Media

Do you control your message on social media? We help clients unify and clarify their brand through popular social channels to ensure total digital coverage. If the prospect of social media and message management entices you, leverage us for a well-planned strategy.
Strategic Communication - Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Even with the rise of social media, email marketing continues to dominate. With an email marketing strategy from Old City Tech Works, you’ll be able to provide content that is appropriate to your audience, keeping you in minds and inboxes.
Strategic Communication - Coordinated Emailing

Coordinated Emailing

Even with the rise of social media, email marketing continues to dominate. With an email marketing strategy from Old City Tech Works, you’ll be able to put out content that’s just right for your audience so you can stay on top of audience minds and inboxes.

Our Communications Strategy

We begin by understanding the basics – target audience, competition, values, as well as your business strengths and goals.
We firmly believe in an open and collaborative approach to content creation. We work with stakeholders to form a partnership to create the best results.
We implement a plan that promotes content, in addition to design and functionality. We utilize systemic feedback to ensure that we remain on target with stakeholder goals. With those stakeholders, our teams strive to achieve award-winning results.
We collect and analyze campaign feedback cyclically. We ensure that the messages have been delivered to the appropriate channels promptly, and the content conveys the appropriate tone and emotion to the topic at hand.
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