Connect dots and make your point.

There is no better platform than social media when it comes to launching a digital campaign. Whether promoting a new service or product, hosting an event, or have something to say, Old City Tech Works can help you navigate a social strategy that provokes action, awareness, and engagement.


Our Theory

Purposeful storytelling is the cornerstone of any successful social media campaign. 

All narratives that we compose for social media channels serve a meaningful purpose, and are thoughtfully organized well in advance. We stand focused on your brand identity, while producing thought provoking copy intertwined with meaningful imagery in order to inspire action. 

Our social media campaigns are reinforced by diligent review processes, ensuring that each and every communication remains consistent with your intended message.

Our Capabilities

Social Media - Strategy


Whether you sit with your current social media efforts, we take the time to orchestrate a unique and meticulous strategy that stays in complete touch with your brand.
Social Media - Publishing


Timing is everything. We work to ensure that your content reaches the proper channels at the right time, remaining attentive to what works best, so we can refine in motion.
Social Media - Community


Independent of your product or service offering, establishing a community of followers is vital. We ensure that your audience is engaged and responded to when necessary.
Social Media - Influencer


Storytelling isn’t always enough. We can help identify and engage with respected industry influencers with established and relevant audiences to help share your story.
Social Media - Analytics


We monitor and measure everything we do to optimize and adjust our approach for maximum effect.
Social Media - People


We are all about people. We do not take an automated or cut-and-paste approach and remain attentive and responsive to your needs. That’s what a great partner does.

Social Media Process

The first step focuses on information gathering. We conduct extensive research on product, service, and competition to construct an all-encompassing messaging strategy that allows for feedback and refinement.
After we conduct research, we evaluate our findings and craft a thorough messaging strategy. We help to choose the right platform, audience, language, and imagery for your message. We also work with you to develop a message calendar that is harmonious with overarching digital campaigns.
Our team begins to implement the strategy after we’ve achieved full approval. We carefully create new content and deploy prudent social media platforms. We identify key influencers and then activate them to add authority to content.
Our messaging methodology includes routine performance evaluation. We strive to ensure that the stories told remain relevant and inspiring to your audience. Moreover, we propose tweaks and incorporate them into the strategy.
Social Media Process Graphic
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