It's 3:08 pm. Do you know where your brand is?

It only takes half a second to capture an audience. Does your brand still grab and motivate audiences?

Our experienced design team can re-stamp your expiration date through competent audio, visual, and copy artistry. We will work with your teams to ensure audiences the freshest, most natural experience available while staying consistent with your brand's values.

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What We Do

Website Redesign

In the digital realm, change can be good. As time advances, the methods that display content also change. Digital audiences challenge web designers and content creators, as these audiences expect efficient, modern design accompanied by assets that deliver a more appealing and interactive user experience. Additionally, content can become stale and outdated. The result is that you may realize diminished site activity and lower page rankings.

A website redesign or rebrand initiative is a cost-effective way to elevate relevance and positively impact your overall user experience. Website redesign does not necessarily mean a complete overhaul. Typically, a content owner can easily replace outdated content. Settings tweaks can improve overall site performance, which can also improve page rankings.

Old City Tech Works is a full-service digital agency versed in creating attractive, award-winning websites and digital presentations aligned with your core brand values. We are always excited to collaborate with new partners to determine the modernizations to implement.

We encourage you to come to us with your brand needs and challenges. We always work within your budget parameters and are always results-driven – we thrive on awards and positive feedback.

What can
we offer?

  • Design and content creation that is elegant and affordable
  • Complete message unity among social media outlets
  • More than twenty years of experience creating award-winning websites
  • All of the capabilities that you expect from a full-service digital agency
  • Expert project management and stakeholder collaboration
  • A full range of post-deployment sustainment services
  • 360-degree brand stewardship
  • Experience creating content in a multitude of industries
  • We are truly a fun team to work with

Clean coding principles

Our developers get down and dirty with the latest extensible technologies to deliver clean and optimized code that compiles into efficiency and beauty. Our pure coding principles begin with thorough planning. Our products are developed with efficiency and implemented with confidence.

Our clean coding principles center around the following:
  • Valid Code. Always.
  • Efficiency. Written line-by-line:  Always reviewed for optimal execution.
  • Reviewed. Written by the best, reviewed by the bested. 
  • Tested. While we’re HQ’d in FL, we don’t like bugs. 
  • Extensible. We don’t want to be the next guy, but his work is already done.

We help you stay fresh

Your website is your website. Our creative team first analyzes your existing website and then adapts it to ever-changing audience demands. When design, we’ll always use the latest technologies and design trends to hand you a solid base for future updates.While we are a full-service agency with the capabilities to maintain and advance your online presence, we want to make sure that you are not only comfortable with the look and feel of the product but are comfortable managing it as well.That said, we shy away from static websites and develop total products that contain intuitive, accessible management consoles that make it possible for customers to produce content and design changes on the fly. We also provide customer training, ensuring there is complete comfort in the driver’s seat.

Here is a list of the platforms, tools, and technologies that we use when fulfilling your website needs:

Our Tools and Technolgies

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